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Shell Lake School District finance staff person. Throughout Wisconsin, school districts are realizing significant savings. Here are a few examples: Club for Growth Wisconsin These savings will more than compensate for the reduction in state aid.

An editorial from the Aug. In such communities as Ashland, Kimberly, Baraboo and Appleton, officials were able to dump union-affiliated health insurance plans in favor of costsaving private competitors.

Could it be that the Wisconsin school districts would have saved millions of dollars in excess health insurance premiums over the years if they had competitive bidding?

Learning to speak Spanish, or to become more fluent in Spanish, was the goal of 12 adult students who came from as far as California to participate in the Hunt Hill Adult Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Camp.

Teaching the workshop held Monday-Friday, Aug. They were talking about how much fun they had and were making plans to attend next year.

Whether it was ensuring that the presentations went as planned or helping to prepare. Become a part of our online poll each week. Log on to wcregister.

Watch for the results! Frederic Vikings had one of the most talented pools of distance runners in the region for the last couple of years. The girls were among the toughest distance runners in the state.

The one boy returning is out for football. In , Bly, then 21, left her home in the Town of Sterling in northern Polk County at somewhere around She told her husband, Christopher Larson, that she was meeting with her cousin at a Cushing tavern, which was about five miles away.

Bly never met with her cousin and was never seen or heard from again. She was reported missing on Aug.

Her vehicle, a white, Pontiac Grand Am, fourdoor, was found in a municipal parking lot in Grantsburg on Aug.

She has two daughters that were toddlers at the time of her disappearance. This fundraising event used to take up part of a hall and the lobby with tables full of items.

Now it fills the lobby and runs the entire length of the hall, all the way to the hospital elevators. Not only does the hospital get involved because events are held there, but they are also the home of the Memory Clinic, which is a valuable first step in detecting the disease.

Based on mortality data from , death. The meeting will include discussing priority resource concerns, funding pools and ranking process for the upcoming EQIP signup.

Alois Alzheimer, a German physician, first linked the symptoms of brain changes in a patient, Augusta D. This patient had profound memory loss, unfounded suspicions about her family and other worsening physiological changes.

In her brain at autopsy, he saw dramatic shrinkage and abnormal deposits in and around nerve cells. Little did he suspect that his encounter with Augusta D.

Caregivers not only suffer emotionally but also physically because of the toll of caregiving on their own health.

More than 60 percent of family caregivers report high levels of stress because of the prolonged duration of caregiving, and one-third of all caregivers suffer symptoms of depression.

Irving Gardner Crowell, 73, who practiced dentistry in Shell Lake for 45 years, died following a long illness.

Nola Ireland was the secretary. Jack Meritt, 15, son of Mr. Walt Meritt, Shell Lake, won a blue ribbon on his fine Brahma heifer. Winners of the various events were: A final note … the buns freeze well and make a great Saturday morning breakfast.

Just a few short seconds in the microwave and you can serve family and guests with a special treat fit for royalty, or, at least, the next-door neighbor.

Merle Hickox, former owner of the station, ended a career of many years of service in Shell Lake. Donn Dinnies announced the appointment of Mrs.

Moen to fill out the term of memorial chairman. The total was down from to for all grades. The first jail was built in About once each week, club members mowed the grass, picked weeds and generally improved the landscape around the building.

This would free up three classrooms at the school to be used to reduce class sizes to no more that 15 students to one teacher in grades K The flag being hung in the front of the building was donated by Kevin Kennedy and the Shell Lake Post Office; and the flag in the flower garden was donated by state Rep.

In , a dozen boys and girls started out as firstgraders together at Shell Lake. In May of , 36 seniors are to be graduated. During their 12 years, most of the school activities have been supported wholehearted.

Twenty-five members of the voice choir are seniors; six have been on the basketball team, six were regulars on the football squad, 12 tried out for spring baseball and each class play found hidden talent.

The fall of will find more than one-third of the class attending colleges and universities. This class has been getting together every five years since graduation.

Some readers may have seen the email making the rounds, which depicts how our views change over the years. At first, we are busy trying to impress each other, but by these later years we are content to simply enjoy being together.

Sixteen of those students, along with several spouses, attended plus two that moved away before graduation, but who are still fondly remembered by their classmates.

A few of them have been together since the first grade, making this reunion 55 years plus There was no kindergarten when they started school. Others joined them along the way.

There was a moment of silence to remember departed classmates: After that there was a time of sharing, both of their. Shown back row L to R: Miller was one who began first grade with the class in , and it was a treat to see their former first-grade teacher, Naomi Beardsley formerly Miss Sorenson get up and tell a story about Karen.

This sale promises to have something for everyone as it will have thrift sale items, artwork donated by retired Spooner art teacher Bill Schroeder, and a huge donation of new, unopened collectibles and boutique shop gift-.

As so many already know, this WCAHS shelter provides a clean, loving, temporary home to over animals annually, is located past the fairgrounds at Cottonwood St.

So, come and shop till you drop at the Sale for Tails. Northcross, a new church being launched in Rice Lake, is spearheading this ecumenical patriotic event.

Multiple churches and community organizations are participating. Marine Corps, will present the keynote address. Rignola served as a NYC firefighter for 10 years and survived the Sept.

World Trade Towers and is currently appointed as deputy to the U. All veterans and citizens are invited to come hear his riveting account of Sept.

Bill Appleyard was instrumental in the planning of this timely event. If you plan to attend, bring your own chair.

For more details as they develop, visit www. He is a bagger at a grocery store and also has Down syndrome. Johnny made contact with Barbara after hearing her speak to the employees of a large grocery chain.

Her speech was on customer service and how to create memories to make the customers want to come back. Johnny told Barbara that he had an idea on what he could do for the customers that came to the store where he worked.

What Johnny chose to do for his customers was to drop into their grocery bag a slip of paper with his favorite sayings printed on it. His dad helped him print out the sayings on the computer, and Johnny signed the back of.

Barbara received a call from the store manage where Johnny works. I went to the back of the line and invited all the customers to go through the shorter lines but He decided to do something and therefore others felt rewarded.

E-mail was not even thought of in , but thanks to that innovation, they are able to visit with each other frequently and keep in touch without driving to Shell Lake.

While nearly all of them have a cell phone, most of them do not text and no one would admit to being on Twitter. Maybe someday they will admit to being old, but not yet.

Every one of them is too busy enjoying life. The books were awarded to the library through the Libri Foundation of Eugene, Ore.

The books were picked from a list provided by the Libri Foundation. The list includes award-winning books, fiction and nonfiction, for children preschool through young adult.

The books have arrived at the library and are ready to be checked out. The bookplates inside the books show that the books were donated by the Libri Foundation and the Shell Lake community since it was the community who raised the matching funds.

For more information on the Libri Foundation, please visit their Web site at www. A free pancake breakfast will be offered starting at 8 a.

Matt Berg, Grantsburg High School biology teacher and owner of Endangered Resource Services LLC, will give a presentation on what role aquatic plants play in maintaining the health of a lake.

For directions to Hunt Hill, go to www. Bog tours, a pig roast with all the fixings and, of course, cranberry juice and craisins will be served and special invitations have been sent to former employees.

The public is also cordially invited to attend this event, which celebrates not only years of cranberries, but salutes the four generations who made it possible.

It was Charles Lewis, an attorney traveling by train from his home in the Twin Cities to Duluth, who actually found the property along his route.

Once Dad mentioned that the land was available to his son, who was also a St. Paul resident, the wheels were set in motion.

Gig hotfooted it to Massachusetts for a year or two to learn all he could about bogs and berries, and in he purchased the wetland that was destined to be the home of Badger Cranberries.

It took him a while to create the beds, and even after the plants were in, there was a four-year wait until the first harvest.

Unfortunately, what he harvested mostly were weeds. The Native Americans were a big help and even had shanties near the acres to help with the berries.

There was plenty of water, which is crucial for cranberry growing because the beds have to be flooded in order to pick the fruit and then flooded again just before winter to protect the plants.

This bog had three reservoirs, woods and 55 acres of struggling crops. During the harvest, which was done by hand, even local farmers came to help.

This was also a time where the berries were hauled out and then sorted assemblyline style with the bad berries handpicked by local women.

The berries then had to be dried and finally loaded onto the train, which ran right next to the huge warehouse.

The family worked hard to produce a crop each year. They even built a summer cottage so they could leave the cities from April through November and live in the country.

JoAnne Lewis Olson remembers the cottage since she was 2 years old when her grandfather built it. There was a big fireplace too and no television.

When we were children, we kids thought it was terrible to have to entertain ourselves out in the country, but now I look back and realize what a wonderful time that was.

It was , and the cranberry business existed only to supply the Thanksgiving tables. Things changed though when Ocean Spray started to make juice from the berries and business picked up greatly.

Since there were two marshes, Chuck took the Badger marsh and worked April through November. Then he lived in several rental houses in Spooner throughout the winter months.

In , the Lewis family moved to Shell Lake, but still used the summer cottage. Chuck, who also started out in St. Paul, was an avid journal keeper, and most of the information about the bogs is available due to his exact entries.

The soil was still not acidic enough and the weeds were still taking over, but Chuck managed to produce crops each year while traveling to promote the cranberry business through Ocean Spray.

Life was good until when a cranberry scare caused growers to have to dump the entire crop they had worked so hard to produce.

Someone in the growing consortium had used a fertilizer on their berries that contained a cancer-causing carcinogen, so all the growers who had mixed their berries with his were taken off the market.

They found one in the Town of Madge. They waited two years while the state and federal permits were finally approved, and now they would be harvesting both places.

Because the Beaver Brook ran through the old bog but was dammed to create the reservoir, the DNR would be able to open it again to increase its flow to attract wildlife and the beautiful cold-water trout for which it was so famous.

The sale became final in , and they owned and farmed 21 acres of bogs which were so good they were able to start planting as soon as they took possession and harvest sooner than normal.

They started out slowly with planting just two acres a year, and now the bog is as large as it will be. He watches the bog, checking the thermometer constantly while he runs the crew and does the heavy lifting.

Gary is the bog manager, but George is his right-hand man. B and Fernander Road. The directions are simple, take Hwy. B east, cross Hwy. Daughter Betsy is the one who insisted they do something to celebrate years, so she is not only helping with the planning, but the one that will be doing a PowerPoint presentation of the past years.

Cranberries have been found to be great antioxidants and good for the heart and kidneys. Folks will get to see a business still running strong producing berries, families and friends.

Fast forward to and the end of the Vietnam War era. They took over the business and built a year-round house on the edge of the bog.

They also struggled with the berries, and in they began. It has been a good year, and I would like to extend gratitude to all the boaters for their patience and coop-.

JoAnne and Gary Olson have made a life of growing cranberries and invite you to come to their open house on Sunday, Aug.

Even though the soil was not acidic enough and the peat was too deep, the original Badger Cranberry Marsh functioned successfully for years.

Totals for the year from May 7 through Aug. Through the years they have worked with many well-known Christian leaders and artists such as Billy Graham, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Focus on the Family and many more!

Securities and insurance products offered through Investment Centers of America, Inc. A variety of insurance for the variety in your life.

We offer it all under one roof. Unique art and craftwork by over artists. The public is welcome to attend.

Sunday worship 9 a. Joseph Church bake sale, 8: Free pancake breakfast starting at 8 a. Meeting at 9 a. For more information, call Contact person Betsy, For more info or to make an appointment call Celebrate Labor Day weekend with street dance, food booths, sports contests, tractor pull, kiddie and grand parade, arts and crafts, and fly-in breakfast.

All proceeds will go to the library. For more info contact Pete Moen, Call to confirm. Walk-ins on that day only.

Appointments are available on other days by calling Coffee and refreshments served. Educational materials available to sign out.

Call or for further information. Environmental program at 10 a. Ticket sales at 9 a. To sign up or for more information, contact Chuck at , Bill at or Ardys at All stay-at-home or part-time working moms welcome with their children.

Call for more information. Baby-sitting will be provided. Barronett Civic Center, Barronett. Feedback on photos, education, and support.

Indianhead Community Action Agency is looking for volunteers to help out in their thrift store and food pantry. Food pantry volunteers must be able to lift at least 25 lbs.

For more information, call Susie at or e-mail wcahs centurytel. Interested volunteers please call or e-mail to glenviewjessica hotmail.

Sign up for a day or once a week. Staff works from If you prefer to volunteer another day that is fine.

Staff will train in invasive species eradication, watering, transplanting and weeding. Call Mary Ellen at Seeking services between p.

There will be flexibility in scheduling your services. If you are interested please stop by their office and fill out an application.

Come, hear great music and be a part of an exciting camp for youth. They need concert greeters, help with raffle sales and picnic servers.

Call the arts center office at for further information. Tasks might include transportation, light housekeeping, light yard work, fix-it jobs, telephone and in-person visits.

Training is provided, and all volunteers choose what they want to do and when they want to volunteer. For more information, please call or e-mail Faith In Action at faithinactionwc yahoo.

E-mail it to wcregister centurytel. Please list the type of volunteer work you need, as well as dates, times and length of service.

Make sure to include your contact information, including your name and phone number. When the volunteer position is filled, please let us know so we can take it off the list.

This service is offered free of charge in an effort to bring the community together so those that are looking for help can find those that are looking to help.

All meetings are nonsmoking Sunday 10 a. AA Wednesday 1 p. NA Thursday 1 p. Al-Anon Friday 2 p. AA AA Step 7 p. Saturday Noon AA 7 p. Lifestyle weight management support group will meet at 4 p.

Weigh-in, meeting at 4: Call Michelle Grady at for more information. For more information, contact Julie Yaekel-Black Elk at This is a Christcentered recovery program.

Focus on infants and their caregivers with sensory stimulation and movement experiences. Art project materials provided and the morning closes with circle music time and instrument exploration.

Open mike is from 7: Bring your own blanket or chair. Daily fee includes lunch and a program of crafts, exercise, games, music, quiet time, etc.

Free, confidential, closed after first session. Use the back entrance. Practice your bridge skills. Shell Lake Farmers Market, 2 p. Lakeland Family Resource Center open from noon to 3 p.

Learn, discuss and share ideas and experience to enrich parenting skills. Preselected art or play materials available for children of all ages.

Kidstime-Parentime provides quality time for families, networking for parents and a social opportunity for both parents and children. The last Wednesday of the month a potluck lunch is held at AA meets at 7 p.

Shell Lake Public Library. A time for stories, craft and a snack. No age minimum or maximum for participants. Volunteers will be on hand to assist the public.

Please call or with any questions. Appointments can be made at Domestic abuse and sexual assault are crimes. Time-Out provides free, confidential victim support.

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence in a relationship, please call He also serves the Shell Lake congregation.

The celebration begins Saturday with registrations at 11 a. With weather permitting, Sunday, Aug. Brief history of Sarona United Methodist Church In , early settlers held worship in a one-room schoolhouse with pastors coming from Rice Lake by train.

A meeting was held to organize a Methodist Episcopal Church. The official dedication of the church was Feb.

The first group of church women was formed and called the Ladies Aid. Around , the church was joined with the Spooner circuit for a few years.

In , two kerosene lamps and four gasoline lamps were installed for lighting. In , the church was returned to the Shell Lake and South Dewey circuit.

The first light bill was 67 cents. The financial situation was grave so the pastor was asked to have only one. In , the Sarona Methodist Church again became part of the Spooner circuit.

During the s, stained-glass windows were installed, a new wood furnace was purchased and a new front entry with stairs to the basement was completed and a new wood shed was also built.

In , pews were purchased at an auction at St. They were refinished by church members and are still used in the sanctuary today. In , the basement and kitchen were remodeled, painted and carpeted.

When completed, the area was renamed the fellowship hall. In , two new gas furnaces were installed in a new concrete block furnace room with a fire-resistant door.

In , a new side entry door was installed which made the church handicapped accessible with the addition of a deck and ramp. In , after nearly 95 years without indoor plumbing in the church, the old outhouse was retired and a rest room and running water were finished.

The last two years have seen a lot of improvements which have included: Throughout the years, the church has held many dinners, ski-a-thons, ticket sales and rummage sales to earn money for improvements.

They have also been blessed by donations from many members, friends and neighbors. We like to think we are the small church with a big heart. Town and Country Days is expanded this year to include a truck pull on the clay track by Tiptown on Monday, Sept.

Registration begins at 10 a. Miss Shell Lake will be crowned Saturday, Sept. Theatre in the Woods sponsors this event that begins at 7: For reservations call There will be kids games at the Shell Lake beach shelter house on Friday, Sept.

Lamperts will sponsor a bouncy house at the pavilion area on Saturday and Sunday. Serving will be from 7: Registration opens at 7 a.

New this year is a tennis tournament on Saturday at TipTown tennis courts. Other tournaments on Saturday are Smear and Cribbage, co-.

The Dairyland garden tractor pull gets under way at the clay track by TipTown at 11 a. Registration is at 10 a. The Shell Lake Public Library will have a book sale from 9 a.

Activities for children on Saturday are the yard dash fastest kid race at 11 a. Family Bingo is from p. Ongoing events for Saturday and Sunday are the craft fair and flea market at the pavilion grounds from 9 a.

Saturday and from p. The Glenview Golden Rocker Challenge silent auction at the community center runs from 9 a. Highlighted events for Sunday begin with 6: The car and bike show on Main Street from p.

A sailboat figurine will be hidden for the. The first clue will be published in the Aug. A variety of food booths will be open throughout the days of celebration.

For last-minute updates, click on www. The purchase of a Town and Country Days button will automatically get your name into the prize drawing.

By the end of the third quarter with a lead they assured the fans, but more important they proved to themselves, that they were just as good. Bruce was a team that came into Shell Lake thinking they had a chance for a victory against a young and inexperienced team.

They were able to move the ball up and down the field but they were not able to score against the Laker defense. The first quarter ended in as neither team could move the ball across the goal line.

That changed in the second quarter. With fourth and two, BJ Burton went wide but cut back up the center for a yard run and the first touchdown of the game.

A bad snap on the extra-point try made it a lead. On the ensuing Bruce series, Caleb Parker, playing on the special team unit, stripped the ball.

With fourth and goal on the 3-yard line, AJ Denotter took it in for the touchdown, he added two more on the 2-point conversion. With Bruce driving late in the second quarter, Sam Livingston intercepted and was driven out on the 4-yard line.

A holding penalty on the next play moved the ball back to the yard line. Denotter took the ball back down to the 1-yard line on a yard run.

Jesse Gronning went over for the touchdown and another bad snap made it Bruce drove down the field on a drive that ended on the yard line with a Burton interception.

Starting out the second half, Bruce came out passing and moving the ball down to the yard line where they gave the ball up with a Denotter interception, the fourth interception for Shell Lake and the fifth turnover of the game.

Moving the ball down the field, Shell Lake was on the goal line when Parker took it in on a quarterback sneak. The third quarter ended as Shell Lake.

The Cardinals are coming off a win over Birchwood and this has the makings of being the game of the season. Both teams will need this.

This will be their last year in the conference as Luck has plans to go to eight-man football for the season. Coach Katrina Granzin, with her daughter Brooke, is in her second year as coach of the high school and middle school cross-country program.

Nearly years ago, the St. The centerpiece of the Wild Rice Festival is a three-day traditional powwow. Powwow grand entries will be held at 7 p.

The 38th-annual Wild Rice Festival at St. She is shown with the male winner, Collin Kytla, Negaunee, Mich. Jensen competed in the mile Soft Rock point-to-point mountain bike race, which starts in Negaunee, Mich.

Her time was 1 hour, 39 minutes, and 20 seconds — eight minutes faster than her time last year. Jensen finished seventh overall, out of female racers, and first in the age category.

Jensen had a great race, despite it almost coming to an end a couple of miles from the finish. Just after entering a gravel path, her bike started making a clunking noise from the rear wheel.

Considering where she was, and how well she was doing, she pressed on and finished. After the race, she found a 2-inch nail stuck in her rear tire.

Luckily, the sealant she uses prevented it from going flat. It was also a good day for other members of Team Geargrinder. The Pioneer Surgical Technology Cup is awarded to the fastest male and female racers age 15 and under in the Soft Rock race.

Their names are engraved on the cup, and it is displayed at the local chamber office in Marquette. The racers also receive a small version of the cup to take home.

Running back AJ Denotter with a yard run that helped set up a Laker touchdown in the end of the first half. After a slow start Shell Lake had three touchdowns in the second quarter.

High School Football Friday, Aug. At Luck, 7 p. JV at Siren, 5 p. At Birchwood, 1 p. JV at Frederic, 5 p. At Whitehall, 7 p. At Turtle Lake, 7 p.

Turtle Lake, 5 p. Playoffs Level 1, 7 p. High School Volleyball Thursday, Aug. At Spooner, 8 a. At Prairie Farm, 7: JV triangular 6 p. At Clear Lake, 7: At Turtle Lake, 7: At Amery, 9 a.

Shell Lake Invitational, 9: At Barron HS, 4: At Ladysmith HS, 4: Conference meet at Cameron, 4 p. Playing safety on defense, Caleb Parker pulls wide receiver Garrett Krug down after short yardage.

Janet Jenkins 99 Low net: Loie Wollum, Mary Harrington, L. Roberts 72 Low putts: Janet Bergh Low net: Lil Bartholomew Low net: Milda Brainerd 76 Low putts: Lil Bartholomew 34 Birdies: Sheila Bergren 53 Low net: Midge Kincaid 34 Low putts: Pat Hellzen 17 Chip-in: Holly Herland 37 Low putts: Carol McDonnell 16 Chip-in: Carrol Hennekens 61 Low net: Mary Ann Carlson 34 Low putts: It takes teamwork to stop Jesse Gronning as he barrels through the line.

He had two touchdowns for the game and two extra points. After two weeks off, one a rain-out and the other an outside tournament, the ladies were back for a league tournament at the Spooner Golf Course.

Danya Case 34 First gross: Carol Heim 48 First putts: Mary Lou Barneson 16 9-hole Division 2 First net: Cheryl Duden 33 First gross: Judy Cameron 51 First putts: Merrelyn Dawson 15 hole Division 1 First net: Nancy Markgren 66 First gross: Mary Ann Solie 88 First putts: Wendy Vinsant 28 hole Division 2 First net: Nancy Schaub 70 First gross: Shirley Gallop First putts: Marge Halberg 32 Chip-ins: Heather Wiesner and Bryan Vilstrup are pleased to announce their engagement and upcoming wedding on Oct.

Heather is a graduate of UW-Stout and is currently employed by the Grantsburg School District as a kindergarten teacher.

He will be starting school this fall at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He will be missed by Ethan, Jasper, Hope and Alexis.

In the front row are Shawn, Ethan, Sam and Emily. The football cheerleaders have been working this summer to get ready for their debut, but their new uniforms did not arrive in time, so they made their own uniforms for the first game.

They are coached by Sara Gothblad and will be at every game building school spirit and energizing the fans. Earning recognition for their market steers are back row L to R: Katie Crosby and Dani Kuechle.

It was a good year for the Crosby family as Katie took home the grand champion and Tyler the reserve champion steer.

Dominic Hopke poses with Jared Kidder, the buyer of his market hog. To show their appreciation for their purchase, the seller rewards the buyer with a personal gift.

Receiving top honors in the market hog category were L to R: Morris took home the grand champion and Kidder had the reserve champion.

The Shell Lake State Bank was the buyer for the reserve champion market steer. Posing for the photo are Tyler Crosby and Linda Okonek.

The newspaper office will be closed Labor Day, Monday, Sept. The graduating seniors were recognized for their service to the show and sale organization.

She had originally heard about ghost walks held on Halloween in other cities. Olsen decided wisely that instead of walking the uneven ground of a cemetery, she would write the play and have it performed in one spot.

Since they were the ones who sponsored the evening, he gave them credit, while using his sidekick stick horse as a puppet. Several of the actors, Barb Anderson, Nancy Rich and Rod Ripley, were veterans of all the plays, and four were new to the cast.

As each character told their story, the past revealed how the names we take for granted today had their past deeply etched in history.

Washburn, for instance, had been a major general during the Civil War and later became the governor of the state, so he can be credited for the county being called Washburn.

Antholz, and Frank Hammill. There were teachers represented as well as town characters. Another performance is already being planned for next year, same time, same location.

Corn is a growing and those soybeans are right beside it. Fall is only 30 days away now. A very happy anniversary to Darrell and Billie Aderman on their 60th wedding anniversary on Aug.

Have a wonderful day with many more to come. Darrell was my music teacher. Have a fun day you two. Happy anniversary to Shorty and Melissa Crosby as they celebrate 17 years together.

Many more to you. A very happy anniversary to Carl and Geraldine Moore as they celebrate 62 years together on Aug.

Happy birthday to James Beecroft on his special day Aug. Happy birthday to a little gal who turns 1 year old on Aug. Have a fun day, Morgan. A very happy birthday to Christian Lawrence on Aug.

Happy birthday to Ryan Hanson on Aug. Happy 22nd anniversary to Don and Joanne Dahlstrom as they celebrate together with lots more to come. Nathaniel Rawling, a very happy birthday to you as you celebrate your special day with lots more to come.

Happy birthday to my special sister, Betty Meister, on Aug. May you have a special day with many more to come.

Happy birthday to Megan Pederson on her special day Aug. Then it was on to cleaning and sanitizing the sheds with new turkeys coming shortly.

I can almost taste those cinnamon sugar donuts. Get out and get some good apples or homemade treats. Thursday afternoon, Penny Ladd brought out Rylee and Reyana with the two little girls staying overnight.

She came back on Friday and picked them up. Gosh, we had a great time together. I was picking over beans to can, and they dove right in and helped take the stems off.

Such little cute ragamuffins. Those big grasshopper combines went by in the night over to Ken and Donna Russels where they picked their beans.

It rained in the night, and they had to shut down for a while. It starts with a good day and more ambition. I had a good weekend.

Friday night we had rehearsal at Pilgrim Lutheran and the rehearsal party was at a pizza parlour. Lots and lots of pizza and salads.

My two grandsons, Jeremy White and Nick Pederson who were ushers, walked me down the aisle. The reception was held at the DECC for people with music and dancing and entertainment for the couple.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Solon Springs for a brunch and gift opening at the home of the Winners on St. Congratulations to you, Logan and Greta.

The Aderman family gave the 10 a. They all have talents to make it a good day. Congratulations to Billie and Darrell. Antholz, Ernie Buhler as C. Tatsanna turned 19 years old.

Tammy Moe made a cake with pickles on top as she is very fond of dill pickles. Sandy had tests to see about getting a kidney transplant.

She may be able to get a kidney from her daughters. Nothing is definite yet. She only needs one kidney at this time.

Please keep Bernard and Sandy in you special thoughts and prayers. What would you do for the U. Bob visited with Greg Dorweiler also. Sunday, Bob visited with Gary and Sue Peterson.

Kris has been very busy canning beans and tomatoes. I had a nice surprise this Sunday. Yes, Tom and Lois Hodgson were up from Tomah and were very excited.

Lois has now retired from teaching after 37 years, and her honey, Tom, retired a couple of years ago from teaching. They sold their house and are moving to Bella Vista, Ark.

They have had garage sales, and they will buy most of their furniture when they move. They are both very happy. It looks like more coming this way.

Over the weekend, Steve Hulleman got a new roof on his house. Robin and her mother visited one day with Diane. Friday evening, Otto, his girlfriend and Otto Jr.

Saturday found the Lawson family reunion at Shell Lake Park. They got to watch the parade and later took in Crex Meadows. Have a great week!

Arlys Santiago attended the service at Salem on Sunday where Pastor Carmie Aderman gave the sermon followed by a lot of singing, to a good crowd.

On Sunday afternoon, Arlys and ladies from Big Ripley had a golf tournament. Talking to Judy Bolterman, she said Mike was recuperating well but needs his rest.

It rained on Saturday at the reception with a double rainbow over the lake. That had to be good luck. John, Mary and Brian went to the fairgrounds for a picnic for fair show sale participants on Monday.

Thursday, Brian went to Glen Flora for a rock festival and celebrated his 18th birthday there. Have a good week.

Tonja said that one thing that was pretty unique and new to the auction was tomato jam. She bought a jar of the jam and said that it is delicious. I wish that Duane and I could have gone to the reunion at the chapel but … We had a fantastic weekend in Madison.

I hate to admit how old I really am, but we went to Madison to attend my 50th class reunion. When the invitation first came — I think in April — I was very excited about going and seeing everyone again.

I had only been to one reunion, the 20th, so it had been quite a few years since I had talked to any of my classmates. Anyway, the closer the date came, the more uncertain I became about whether or not to go.

The closer the date came, the more nervous I became. However, we had already made reservations, so on Saturday morning, we drove down. My son, Jim Marsh, had convinced us that we should take his car a Lexus convertible so we stopped at his house, spoiled our precious new grandson, Wrigley, a little bit, got the car and started our road trip.

We went to the Elks Club in Madison for dinner Saturday night, and when we walked in we felt completely welcome and at home.

Duane even found a retired farmer with whom he could talk about old tractors, milking pipelines, etc. There were people from all walks of life there — factory workers, postal workers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, musicians — I think Duane and I were the only.

Peterson and a committee of five — all volunteers — began by establishing a set of criteria. Each of the listees in the book submitted written descriptions of their studios, galleries, farms, museums, and other arts, agricultures or culture-related businesses.

Committee members visited each site, providing feedback about their experiences. Others collected and worked with submitted images or took photographs themselves.

There is no commercial advertising in the book. Noon to 8 p. In , and , WNHP published and distributed more than , maps listing handmade, homegrown and heritage sites.

Book launches are planned in each of the 13 counties in the coming months. For additional information, call , or e-mail winhp centurytel.

Pat said that it was very nice to see all her former classmates.

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